Ah ... the gallery page ...

I've had so many submissions of completed work I hardly know where to start. I've left a LOT of info out on this one as this page is a work in progress. I hope to add more to it in the very near future.

All the "thumbnails" on this page are clickable which will bring up a larger view of the image. Pausing over the thumbnail will give you some insight as to the artisan who created the final piece of work. Most, if not all the pictures, were done from patterns I created. It's not intended to be a brag sheet for me but more of a reflection of the satisfaction I get through other people and their accomplishments, and I share in their pride.
Beth's Plymouth - Thank you Beth!!
Trin's Plymouth - Thank you Trin!!
Toms' Scrollwork and Carving - it's been an ordeal but did he pull this one off with flying colors or what?  Good on 'ya Tom!!!
Andy collection of knives - all wood, original patterns.  Thanks for the inspiration Uncle Gale.
Toms' Mustang with badge.  Really ... it his personal Mustang!!
Toms' Viper
Andy- Portrait of Grace - a friends daughter.
Fred Bence JDR
Fred Bence JD
Tom - 68 Camaro - Thank you Tom.  I know how difficult it was for you to cut a Chevy,  LOL
Marvin 58 Chev
Harry Savage Pool Dogs
Tom What Matters - a picture from John B, an idea, a pretty neat cutting!
Marvin Soda Stand - Marvins' idea from some wallpaper border.
Bob Pigeon - cut with scrollsaw, burned, dyed ... amazing!
Mikeys' - Ozzy - Thanks Buddy!!
Merle - RoadKing
Jesse - Spiderman
Debbie Hulme - Chris LeDoux
Leo - special project
RCMP Logo for special presentation by the Alberta Chapter of Scroll Saw Assoc. of the World
Andy - Bears for my Pa

Tom - One of many who inspire me and the one scroller who pushes me to my limits.  Thank you sir for this image.  A blue ribbon for his carved fretwork from the Sate Fair!!  I feel it deserved Best of Show and just have to highlight it here for you all to enjoy!  Thank you again Tom for sharing this success with me!