I needed a page to display some links. Links to friends site, suppliers, catalogs ... whatever. If you don't see a link here that you think is required, please!, email me at andy@80artdesigns.com with your recommendation so it can be included.

All the banners can be clicked on to go to their sites or follow the http: links to the right of the banner.

The following sites all carry my patterns as well as those of many others. They have been integral in my pursuit of excellence and come with my highest recommendation!

The Wooden Teddy Bear - What can I say, they've made all this possible for me. Please visit their site at The Wooden Teddy Bear, Inc.
Ben Fink's Wood Shop - His banner says it all! A wonderful person to work with!!! Bens Scroll Saw.com
The following sites are friends, colleagues and organizations in the scroll saw community. Were it not for them I wouldn't have the challenge to excel.
Sue Meys Website. All the way from South Africa. What a gem of a site and wonderful lady who has mastered the ability to combine artistic abilities and power tools. It's more than evident in both her work and patterns. Well worth the visit!!!! And visit often ... A new free scroll saw pattern is added from time to time. ScrollsawArtist Website
Mike's website. Another fine example of scrolling at a top level. Patterns are available for sale and there's also a free pattern. Mike's been a valued asset to many scrolling communities. I take great pleasure in endorsing his site. ScrollCrafters Website
Kevin Daly has FINALLY arrived with a site for his spectacular work in patterns. Well done, concise, and as we expect from Kevin, slightly insane patterns! LOL Seriously, Kevin's been a great inspiration to me and his patterns are second to none. Serious patterns for serious scrollers!!!! Scroll Saw Pattern Online
Intarsia.net - Bruce Worthington's intarsia site. GREAT info from a GREAT friend!! Some of THE BEST intarsia patterns and work you may ever find. Intarsia Net
Scroll Sawn Art, just as it says. This site gets my vote for the most innovative use of the web for displaying Jesse (Tsavo's) art work. The quality of his scrolling? Par excellence. Thank you for your support Jesse. Scroll Sawn Art by Jesse

Can't say enough about these 2 ladies! Just go to their site, you'll be delighted. You'll be tempted and maybe even tantalized!? Chrestensen Burghout Designs
Kerry is a pattern designer and scroller who does some fine work indeed. His sight is PACKED full of interesting info and some wonderful samples of his work. Kerry's Portraits in Wood
BONUS LINK FROM KERRY'S PORTRAITS IN WOOD Kerry has taken the time to create a tutorial that outlines his process for creating a portrait from a picture so it can be scrolled in wood. He graciously requested a link from my site to it and for those of you interested, it's worth the minimal price he's charging. How to Create Scroll Saw Patterns Using Paint Shop Pro
Hoosier Scroller? LOL Sorry ... a wonderfully creative scroller/designer from Indiana. Really nice work on his site too. Creative Scroll Saw
Alberta Chapter of Scroll Saw Portrait Artists - Pretty much explains itself. A GREAT group of people who I owe much credit to for not only their commitment to excellence but their constant drive and motivation to help others. I'm PROUD to be a member of this group, even though I'm slightly removed from Alberta. It saves me buying donuts that way! LOL Sorry ... inside joke there. ACSSPA
Last but not least. THE organization for scrollers. Scrollsaw Association of the World

TJ Browns' Website - Specializing in Scrollsaw Fretwork and Intarsia.  TJ's Woodshop
The Winfield Collection/Scroller Ltd. Website. Great partners in my pattern distribution and sure to be an asset to your list of links. Scroller Ltd