~Andy Deane
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Ah ... the gallery page ...

I've had so many submissions of completed work I hardly know where to start.  I've left a LOT of info out on this one as this page is a work in progress.  I hope to add more to it in the very near future.

All the "thumbnails" on this page are clickable which will bring up a full size view of the image.  Pausing over the thumbnail will give you some insight as to the artisan who created the final cutting.  Most, if not all the pictures, were done from patterns I created.   It's not intended to be a brag sheet for me but more of a reflection of the satisfaction I get through other people and their accomplishments, and I share in their pride.
Tom 68 Camaro
Fred Bence JD
Zebra's by Ross
Rikk Moline Tractor
Rikk Ford Tractor
Bob Pigeon Cut Burned Dyed Horse
Deb Bobby Labonte
Mike C. Ozzy
Merle Road King
Jesse Spiderman
Bobby Buck 'n Doe
Tom ColeTurtle
Will Soldier
Roger ScaniaTruck
Andy Grace Portrait
BobPigeon Giants Cut and Dyed
John Freels PegRoy
Bob Pigeon Auburn Front End
John FreelsTom Bedell
Roger 50 Merc
John Beer Plaque
David Cowboy
Andy's Bears for Dad